Optical Effect Sensory Bag

Optical Effect Sensory Bag

Product Code: 34031


Mirrors are very popular tools for helping children to discover themselves and become familiar with their own face and expressions. The resources in this sensory bag provide a wide range of visual effects including prisms, reflections, gently floating glitter, reflective crinkly surfaces, magnification and coloured tints. Bag size: H450mm x W350mm. Contents (may vary):

  • • 1 x Sensory Bag

    • 4 x Magic Mirrors

    • 3 x Space Blankets

    • 2 x Eye Scopes

    • 1 x Rainbow Sound Blocks

    • 2 x Dinki Glitter Tubes

    • 2 x Large Glitter Tubes

    • 2 x Spiral Glitter Tubes

    • 3 x Giant Softy Colour Panels

    • 1 x Wooden Magnifying Glass