Wilkins International appreciates and understands the importance to our customers of having their Multi-Sensory Environment and equipment in full working order for their users.

Very often spaces become unusable areas. Electrical items may stop functioning, bulbs blow, padded floors and walls become unhygienic and bubble tubes get clogged up and stop performing. 

By maintaining the equipment, you have the peace of mind that in the event of a component failure, professional help is on hand to get you up and running again as soon as possible.

All visits are made by Wilkins International approved technicians.

One of our experienced Wilkins International technicians will visit your establishment and conduct the preventative maintenance visit. This includes the following:

  • Emptying and cleaning of Bubble Tubes / Bubble Walls
  • General wipe down of equipment 
  • Removing and cleaning filters and lenses
  • Checking electrical equipment ensuring correct operation and continued safety
  • Ensuring products are fixed securely
  • Fixing / replacing faulty parts

Ensuring full function to the specification of the equipment.

We will provide you with a quotation based on your requirements, equipment installed and the number of rooms to be covered. As Wilkins International operates a dedicated service team with our own technicians we can guarantee that your service requirements will be dealt with in an efficient and professional manner at an affordable price.

Service-Form.pdf Service-Form.pdf (60kB)