Product Videos

Wilkins International designs and manufacture a range of sensory products that provide genuine solutions for carers and teachers facing the difficult challenges of special needs.

Here we showcase a small selection of products with video clips.

Music Touch Wall

With nine different programs to explore the LED Musical Touch Wall is a fabulous magical wall panel which lights up with an ever changing spectrum of LED coloured light.

The slightest of touches will illuminate the panel accompanied by an auditory reward brush your hand over the panel area to receive a rainbow wash of colour and electric musical whoosh of sound or fill the wall area with a calming visual sequence of coloured waves with the sound of the ocean and creates ripples in the 'surface', all simply by touching any part of the wall panel.

Bubble Tube

Bubble tubes are the most popular sensory product. Watch the bubbles rise through the water creating a trail of colour moving at different speeds whilst the column gently hums and creates vibration. The columns vary in length and soft plinths are available to cover the base so users can cuddle the column.

LED Interactive Infinity Tunnel

The LED Interactive Infinity Tunnel offers users total control over a never-ending tunnel of ever-changing coloured LED lights, using switches to effect lighting changes in the tunnel.

For use by up to four pupils, each with their own switch; the LED Interactive Infinity Tunnel encourages awareness and develops communication skills.

Twinkling Lightsource with Fibre Optic UV Sparkleflex

A spray of fibres which constantly change colour along their full length, with the added enjoyment of the strands glowing furiously when used in conjunction with a UV light. The constant colour changes encourage the focusing of attention and are particularly useful for the partially sighted as they provide visual stimulation.


UV Ripple Mat

Glows intensely under UV light for great visual stimulation, it creates a jewel like stained glass effect if hung at a window and the woven structure offers great tactile interest.

Place on the floor, table top or wall mount.

Interactive Moodlight

The Interactive Moodlight illuminates with four vibrant squares of light which can operate independently or together to create a stunning range of different colour combinations. With three modes of operation: Automatic, Sound Responsive and Switch Controlled the Interactive Moodlight is a strong, versatile visual tool creating many different moods in your Multi-Sensory Room.

Sound star sound activated wall panel

The sound star panel creates stunning light displays using the latest in LED technology. The LED lights produce a rainbow like display of colours and light. The inbuilt microphone converts any vocalisation or noise into a light reward. The microphone is extremely sensitive and can be adjusted.

Four programs can be selected along with other choices of speed, colour and duration fade time of the display.

Sensory Room Package

SpaceKraft Sensory Room Package is designed to be free standing and placed against a wall. Very sturdy and does not require wall fixing. Its design includeds a rasied plinth to the left and right of the bubble tube which also acts as seats and a storgae area with lift up lids. The softplay wall pads and plinth are covered in nylon reinforced vinyl which is very hard wearing and cleans easily with mild detergent and a damp cloth. The package includes 4 pieces of key sensory equipment : LED Interactive Infinity Tunnel, Interactive Moodlight, Fibre Optic Sideglow and 1.5m Bubble Tube & Mirror. Available in any one of our 14 colour options. The package fits is a wall space of 3 metres and stands 1800 mm high.

Rainbow Panel

A large illuminated rainbow-shaped wall panel with concealed LED strips which add a colourful and armospheric ambient glow to any darkened room. The rainbow is formed from four coloured arches - red, yellow, green and blue - and is available in three versions with varying light effects.

Musical Hopscotch Pad

Each time a coloured square on the Hopscotch Pad is pressed, a corresponding colour square illuminates on the wall panel and a musical note or tune is played. Teachers and carers can choose from a selection of 64 pre-loaded nursery rhymes and effect sounds that the children will enjoy.

Colour Column

A bubble tube with no bubbles! Designed specifically for areas where water is not an option, the Colour Column features a frosted acrylic tube which changes colour and light pattern at the touch of a button. Select from a choice of solid colours to light up any darkened room, or switch to one of the eight programmed moving colour modes, creating an ever-changing rainbow of vertical and horizontal flashes.