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Opti Beam

The system enables users to interact with colourful beams of light (choose from 6, 8 or 12 beams) simply by passing a hand or other body-part through the beams - or by using a hand held reflective "Magic Wand". Each interaction triggers all types of audio-visual events in real-time.

This multi-sensory system revolutionises the way users communicate, learn and make choices. Its versatility enables it to be used as a musical instrument, an interactive story telling device, a virtual switch that is an effective communication aid. Users are empowered to influence their own environment. It can be calming and stimulating, fun and educational, challenging and creative.

Main Features:

  • No floor space required
  • Modular - flexible design
  • Low maintenance
  • Turnkey Operation

Proven to be an important tool for challenging and encouraging participation, key benefits include:

  • Improves understanding of cause and effect
  • Stimulates motor skill development, particularly hand-eye coordination
  • Encourages users to listen and respond
  • Helps users build a more positive self image and self esteem
  • Encourages interaction - with the beams and others
  • Aids the ability to make choices and demonstrate preferences
  • Encourages users to move/use physical energy
  • Heightens sensory awareness and increases concentration span
  • Aids visual memory
  • Improves musical skills
  • Promotes healthy fun and enjoyment

Educational Standards:
OptiMusic has wide-ranging emotional benefits, actively supporting standards set by the National Curriculum including those for literacy and numeracy, music and drama.

Story time with Sounds and Images:
Users participate by triggering sounds and images that reinforce the story line. Educational categories include Nature, Music, Numeracy, Literacy, Science, Technology, Transport, Health & Safety, Food & Drink, Signs and Symbols and The World Around Us.

Monitoring Progress:
To assist schools and care providers to meet national standards, we offer progress monitoring templates which enable facilitators to record, assess and evaluate user's level, consistency and precision.

Package includes:
• PC laptop
• 8 OptiMusic interactive light units, each measuring 38cmL x 12cmW x 12cmH and weighing 3.6kg. each
• 8 reflective self-adhesive circular soft pads
• 8 reflective foam bats
• 1 USB control box
• 1 standard button control box
• OptiMusic light software with images, videos and sounds